Making your mark in the UK as a DJ is a task many
have tried but also a task many have failed at...

None of that applies to Young Lion though who has been making his well known mark on the UK Dancehall scene not only as a DJ but also as a pioneer of the movement, bringing it to the forefront of the music industry in full force! From mixing and blending EXCLUSIVE riddims for 3 hours straight on his Dancehall mix show on BBC Radio 1xtra for over 8 years; making his listeners buss a whine at crazy hours of the morning, to linking up with some of THE MOST influential Dancehall acts the world has seen. From Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Shaggy... to name just a few!

Young Lion now hosts the Worlds Number 1 weekly dancehall podcast show!

But lets not get it twisted; Young Lion isn't just a Dancehall DJ. Noooooooooo! Originally from Bristol,
this guy is globe trotting too, being booked to play around the world in Jamaica, Italy, Gambia,
Switzerland etc (the list goes on….) Not just as a Dancehall DJ, BUT as a well established, well
known and well respected urban music DJ with the ability to mix & blend any genre of music
getting ANY crowd on a serious Young Lion vibe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so you've read the current Young Lion specs....Lets go back to the beginning.
How it all started! (The good bi!)

Now I know every celeb has a story about how they started from a young age, singing and
dancing and being a mathematical genius at the age of 2..... Well so does Young Lion....
Only this story is actually TRUE! (Promise)...

Being introduced to the music scene at the tender age of 9 by his radio presenter Dad
"RasB" who used to give him the last 10mins of his show to play a few tunes (awwwww)...
By age 13 he was given the opportunity to shine with his own radio show.......Young Lion
was born!

Keep reading it gets better ............................!

Being completely in love with the music scene from such a young age, it was only
right for Young Lion to join a sound system right? So he did!!

Regarded by many as being one of the UK's BEST Dancehall & Urban music DJs,
(We're not just saying this, he has won awards that say this too...) winning 'The Big Eye'
& 'Air Jamaica' South West No.1 Radio DJ, to having a weekly show on the UK's leading
black music station BBC 1Xtra AND being booked to play consistently around the UK is
a tough job to have...

Imagine all of that AND having a serious job on the side! All of that on top of trying to stay relevant is not something many would be willing to do. But having a love and passion for music is also something not many have.....

...(In regard to that serious job I mentioned) Well let's just say, if you live in the South West of England and find a cat stuck up a tree, just call the fire brigade and you never know, Young Lion might turn up!